Stylishly designed bathroom with elegant fittings.
How to express your own personal style

Styles in the bathroom: Designing right with furnishing elements

A bathroom style comes about through consistent selection of materials, forms and colors. Modern, avantgarde or classic design offers inspiration for individual design. Product ranges by hansgrohe have a major role to play in the tastefully appointed bathroom. The faucets and shower systems create individual accents and emphasize the design style.

Contemporary designs and innovative technologies in the bathroom

A style is a recognizable and characteristic form of design. In your home, express your own individual sense of style by deciding for a coherent room design. If your choice of furnishing elements is guided by a consistent approach, a coherent, personal atmosphere will result.

As a rule, styles in the bathroom follow the designs of the surrounding architecture. The spatial effect in your bathroom depends on lots of factors. The most important ones include:

  • the shape of the floor plan and the height of the room;
  • the effects of daylight and artificial lighting;
  • the selection and combination of materials;
  • the color scheme;
  • the style and placement of bathroom ceramics;
  • the design language and functionality of the faucets and shower systems.

When choosing the fixtures for your bathroom, you usually choose from among these designs:

In many cases, though, an individual interior is created not just by consistently adhering to one particular style. Often, a blend of styles, or a conscious break with styles, guarantees that personal touch in your bathroom.

Modern, Avantgarde and Classic: The most important styles in the bathroom

Even if you creatively combine different styles in the bathroom: There is typically a dominant mood, and it is either modern, avantgarde or classic. hansgrohe faucets and showers are perfect and innovative companions on the path to the furnishing style you prefer.