Installation tips

Here’s a simple way to install your kitchen faucet

A renovation is coming to the center of your kitchen. Should the kitchen sink be replaced, or is priority given to the kitchen faucet? At hansgrohe, you can find suitable kitchen products for all individual needs and installation situations. Read our recommendations here: The choices available to you, and the things to keep in mind when installing your new kitchen faucet.

Tips for optimal installation of a hansgrohe kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet is probably the most commonly used tool in the household. Accordingly, the focus is on secure installation and optimum operating comfort. Choose from among the hansgrohe kitchen helpers to find the optimum configuration for you. One that makes your work in the kitchen easier.

  • The right handle position: In keeping with your personal preferences and needs, the handle on some hansgrohe faucets can be placed at the right or left.
  • Flex connectors and stability: All hansgrohe kitchen faucets offer easy and secure installation with flexible hose connections and an integrated stabilizer plate. These are connections you can rely on.  
  • Stable placement: The kitchen faucet on the hansgrohe kitchen sink is wobble-free and maintains its stable position for a long time to come. This is ensured by a reinforcement beneath the faucet plate.
  • Latitude of installation: The long, flexible hoses on hansgrohe kitchen faucets make it easier for you to determine the installation site that suits your needs at the sink.

Here’s how to install a kitchen sink and faucet

Pre-window assembly: Simply place the faucet in fron to the window
Your sink is located directly in front of the kitchen window? No problem! With a faucet designed for installation in front of a window, you can open the window completely.

In some kitchens, the sink is intended for installation directly in front of a window. But what if you want to open it, to clean the window, or for ventilation? That’s when you need a special kitchen faucet. Particularly if the sink unit is constructed at a height that meets ergonomic needs but leaves little room between it and the windowsill height. Lots of hansgrohe kitchen faucets are wonderful suited for installation in front of a window. In this case, the faucet is simply folded down to open the window. Its body can be lifted straight upwards from of its anchorage and dropped to the side. This can even be done with one hand. The flexible, long connection hoses offer comfortable latitude.

All kitchen faucets for installation in front of a window

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