Innovative use of water with 3 jets

The Aquno Select: Perfect for smart applications and easy workflows

With the exclusive Aquno Select, a new chapter begins in the kitchen: This faucet line aims to please, with the most efficient use of water that you have ever experienced in the hansgrohe kitchen offering: Maximum functionality and design define a new archetype for the kitchen.

Showering efficiency in the Kitchen:

Aquno Select M81: the multi-purpose kitchen tap.
The Aquno Select M81 cuts a fine figure, and its additional flat jet type gives the tap extra versatility.

Fresh groceries dream of this gentle shower: The flat jet of the Aquno Select  protects the delicate skins of fruits and vegetables and offers an efficient shower experience for foods.  Aquno's Microfine single jets gently sprays your food at a flat angle and rinses it off in no time. The wide SatinFlow jet saves water resources thanks to its optimized flow rate and minimal splashes. Last but not least, this is ensured by the clever position of the shower spray, which is used from the faucet base near the sink.

No matter what is hot in the sink: the flat shower gives you an additional option for clear voluminous shower spray. With the Aquno Select, you can intuitively switch to the spray mode you need. The three options make the versatile faucet a multi-talent for working at the sink; the combination of flatness and a round arch design makes this flagship faucet, the new archetype in the kitchen.

The highest design quality meets sustainability

The Aquno Select aims for outstanding design but also optimal resource usage : The unique flat beam is not only gentle, it releases water with a minimal optimized flow volume. At Hansgrohe we've focused our engineering on conservation without sacrificing comfort or utility. Our innovative technologies such as Eco-Right reduces water consumption and saves money.

Multi-tasking at the sink: The choice is yours

The striking arched spout prominently contributes to the kitchen ambience and emphasizes the play of shapes and circles. The spray type switch on the pull-out spray ensures flexible use of water. Switch easily between laminar and shower spray with the locking button. With a simple push of a button thanks to the Select function on the base unit, you can switch to the flat, gentle vegetable shower. At the same time, the control for on / off and the water temperature is integrated into the monolithic design with a single lever on the side. 

The pull-out function with two jet types enables flexible working, regardless of whether you are rinsing pots in the basin or filling a container next to the sink.
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