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Joleena Kitchen
hansgrohe Joleena collection

Joleena - For all the times we come together

The kitchen is where we gather, the center of our daily routines and family lives. With a wide range of kitchen fixtures in everyday and semi-pro styles, Joleena has products to fill every moment.

Fixtures with flair.

Chrome surface Chrome
Matte Black surface Matte Black
Steel optic surface Steel Optic

Express your style with Joleena

The Joleena Kitchen Collection for kitchens includes faucets and accessories designed to elevate everyday routines with elegance and style. Every item in the collection is built with the same hansgrohe craftsmanship and is designed to live beautifully together and blend effortlessly with any style. From the classic High-Arc to a professional Semi-Pro kitchen faucet, Joleena brings your kitchen closer together. 

Elegant contrasts

The Joleena Kitchen collection is available in three distinct finishes, one for any style. The collection features Chrome, Matte Black and Steel Optic. Each of our finishes has been tested to ensure quailty and longevity. Particularly effective is the combination with dark surfaces or the interaction with colorful details in the room. The elegant simplicity of the kitchen fittings in matte finish makes them true icing on the cake in modern spaces. 

Meets your requirements and those of your environment

At hansgrohe, every drop counts. Our innovative products and groundbreaking technologies enable you to conserve resources and build sustainably while saving water, energy and money. We’ve focused our engineering on conservation without sacrificing comfort and utility. Joleena faucets combine ease of use with sustainable technology. Hansgrohe’s comfort zone means you’ll always have just the right amount of space to use your sink. Our EcoRight technology reduces water consumption and saves energy and money. 
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