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the Hansgrohe Joleena Collection

Joleena Kitchen Collection: Harmony in the center of your home.

The kitchen is where we gather; the center of our daily routines and family lives. With a wide range of kitchen fixtures, in everyday and semi-pro styles, Joleena has products to fill every moment. 

Providing perfect balance for any style

The transitional design of the Joleena collection is available in three distinct finishes, one for any style. The collection features Chrome, Matte Black and Steel Optic. Each of our finishes has been tested to ensure quality and longevity.  With a wide range of kitchen fixtures, in everyday and semi-pro styles, Joleena has products to fill every moment.

Your kitchen deserves finishes that express your style.

One particularly effective sequence is the combination with dark vanity surfaces or the interaction with colorful details in the room. The elegant simplicity of the kitchen fittings in matt colors makes them true icing on the cake in modern spaces. 

Environmentally conscious

At hansgrohe, every drop counts. Our innovative products and groundbreaking technologies enable you to conserve resources and build sustainably while saving water, energy and money. We’ve focused our engineering on conservation without sacrificing comfort and utility. Joleena faucets combine ease of use with sustainable technology. Our EcoRight technology reduces water consumption and saves energy and money. 


Joleena Kitchen faucet features:

  • 2 Spray Functionality & Pause feature - Change between  aerated and shower spray, you can also pause your stream with the touch of a button.  
  • Vertical Stop - No worries about the handle getting wet due to backsplash.
  • QuickConnect Technology - Easy installation requiring no tools with QuickConnect hose.
  • MagFit - The magnetic holder silently slides back into central positioning. 
  • Durable Construction - Made to last with Hansgrohe quality in mind. 
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