RainDrain: Systematic shower drainage

Modern floor-level shower with RainDrain and XtraStoris.
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Perfection for the shower – and the eye

Are you dreaming of a floor-level shower and looking for the icing on the cake for your modern bathroom, where everything goes together? With the RainDrain shower drain, you can get design from a single mold. You choose the color, surface, and design of the drain channel solution to match your shower and preferred style in the bathroom, coordinated with the shower system, faucets, and other hansgrohe products such as XtraStoris.

RainDrain: Adaptable to every shower and taste

RainDrain is simple and easy to install - regardless of the installation situation. There is a basic set for all shower channels. Choose from three different channels and one variant for point drainage:

  • RainDrain Brilliance: Versatile point drain. Customizable - reversible grate with a height adjustable frame. 
  • RainDrain Match: Seamless connection to your tiles with flexible installation options. Suitable for any type of tile. 
  • RainDrain Rock: Perfect for natural stone flooring. Frameless design enhances appearance of tile. 

RainDrain Match for the individual bathroom

RainDrain Match: The shower channel that blends in seamlessly    

With RainDrain Match, you can find the ideal shower channel, regardless of shower size and design.

  • RainDrain Match is available in seven lengths of 23 5/8" to 59 1/8".
  • Choose between three styles and finishes or tile the back.

  • Free choice of placement on the wall or in the shower area. 

  • Low installation depth and easy height adjustment support simple installation.

  • The factory pre-installed waterproofing membrane ensures the shower watertight.

RainDrain Rock: The shower channel for natural stone floors

Do you love natural stone? The RainDrain Rock variant is optimized for just that. The line can be customized with natural stone or matching tile. Just like RainDrain Match, RainDrain Rock is available in seven lengths and can be shortened by 2 inches per side.

RainDrain Brilliance

RainDrain Brilliance - Versatile point drain.

  • Offers three stylish point drains (RainDrain Brilliance Classic, RainDrain Brilliance Boardwalk, RainDrain Rock Point Drain).
  • Available in 2 sizes (4" x 4" or 6" x 6").
  • Easy adjustment to tile thickness with height adjustable frame (¼" - ¾").
  • Flexible mounting options: Wall mount or free in the floor.
  • High drainage capacity up to 10.3 GPM (39 l/min.).
  • Customizable - reversible grate with a tileable backside 


Safe-to-assemble seal system and height-adjustable frame.

Water protection system 

An innovative Water Protection System (WPS) provides an easy-to-install and safe-to-assemble seal system for shower drains. This WPS-system consists of a flexible waterproofing membrane which is connected to the linear drain’s stainless-steel flanges and is attached in a controlled environment at the factory. No worries of jobsite conditions causing a poor attachment, plus the potential leaking due to unfavorable installation environment conditions is eliminated.  

Height flexibility 

The finish set can be easily fixed at different heights using the height-adjustable frame. The robust stainless steel frame adapts to tile thicknesses of 0.7 – 1.8 cm and makes installation easy and safe. 

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