Exemplary composition in natural hues

Asian inspired bathroom in a vivid design employing traditional patterns of the East

In the Asian inspired bathroom, abstract patterns and gentle color gradients enter into a decorative connection. The impact of the square furnishings is a modern one. Patchwork mosaic and geometric-floral design create individual accents. An otherwise subtle color concept calms the vibrant motifs and creates a certain naturalness. Innovative faucets and showers ensure comfortable water enjoyment.

Shower with large overhead shower in ornate bathroom design.
Creativity in the bathroom

Asian inspirations and abstract design in the bathroom

Do you love abstract patterns and want to outfit a modern bathroom in an Asian inspired flair? Then find your inspiration in the vibrant motifs of Eastern bathroom culture. And combine the dynamics of Eastern ornamentation with the calm of straight-lined naturalness. Dark mosaic, contrasting wall surfaces in plain white and slender edging of bright wood comprise large areas with geometric-floral decor. A subtle color concept with pastel tones and earthy nuances tames the temperamental interior. A floor-level shower extends the room and offers space for generous shower enjoyment. The wooden countertop forms a geometric ensemble with the sink. The clear forms lend the room its naturalness. In the vanishing point of the bathroom, a wall surface in blue pastel extends the spatial impact.

Exclusive contours and forward-looking technology in harmony

Faucets in the hansgrohe Talis range combine innovative language of forms with great ease of operation. These faucets also make efficient use of water and energy. At the sink, use an intuitive button (Select) to control the water.

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