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The most beautiful compliment to your kitchen: Minimalism across the board

Design demands meet different situations in the modern kitchen. With Talis N, you can find the variant that best fits your kitchen concept and set a standard in perfection. The faucet is excitingly slim on the kitchen island, or you can choose a variant that best meets the requirements of a single kitchen or kitchenette with wall cabinet.

A kitchen highlight in any form

With Talis N, you can choose from a wide range of variants and functions.  No matter whether you’re looking for a faucet for the space under the cupboard or want to make your kitchen faucet an eye-catcher on the work island, or maybe you require a harmonious solution on your newly planned kitchen unit: You will find a suitable solution for all kitchen concepts in the broad Talis N product range.

Whether curved or linear, minimalism triumphs

The choice is yours: The minimalist, consistently designed faucet body with the flat, vertically positioned handle is available in three basic shapes and comfort heights: from round arch  O-shaped and A-shaped designs to U-shaped spout. There are also three exclusive surface finishes to choose from, perfectly matching the style of your kitchen or setting a deliberate accent in contrast: exclusive Matte Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel Finish. The design of the Talis N is consistently well thought out: All components, including the shower hose, are color-matched.
A minimalist kitchen tap in matte black.
The slim Talis N kitchen faucet, with its consistent design, in the trendy Matte Black. The selection completes many kitchen concepts.
Kitchen tap with high arc spout.
The Talis N with round arched spout captivates with its raised, space-shaping silhouette and its functionality. The Matte Black surface finish makes it a highlight.

Talis N as a prominent kitchen island solution

Turn your kitchen faucet into a star on the free-standing kitchen block with sink unit: Talis N in elongated, round arch design with ComfortZone height is tailor-made for the concept of modern kitchens, which often merge openly with living spaces. The slim silhouette is uncompromising, without visual interruptions of the basic shape, exclusive in its finish, and yet easy on your budget. You can easily switch between aerated and shower spray for efficient work. The magnetic MagFit shower support provides for additional comfort. All models have swivel function.
Kitchen tap for one-handed operation at the sink.
Talis N: Give your kitchen a faucet with powerful charm. The minimalist design language refines every modern kitchen design.

Talis N in U design – proven optics, slim shape

The unmistakable, U-shaped design language with high recognition value for situations with and without a wall cabinet. The spout with ComfortZone is as versatile as it is variable; the spray insert for the aerated spray is discreetly integrated. The swivel spout offers an adjustable stop to prevent accidental unscrewing from the sink area. This version is also available in the exclusive colors Matte Black, Chrome, Polished Nickel and Stainless Steel Finish PVD, to which all components of the faucet are matched.

Minimalist design meets functionality

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