Inspired by Scandinavian style

Geometric Shapes in the Bathroom Are On Trend

Do you love reduced design with precise lines and surfaces? Appreciate a geometric design that provides visual peace and quiet? That means you’re also right on trend in the bathroom! Architectural clarity is convincing more and more bathroom fans with its tidy appearance. In this Scandinavian-inspired trend, there’s plenty of room for individual accents. Design with corners and edges.

Modern bathroom based on geometric shapes.
The trendy bathroom loves geometric shapes. Together with a puristic architecture, the clear design creates a calm atmosphere in the bathroom. \(Photo ©Bette\)

Straight-line design brings peace and visual relaxation

In the bathroom, this trend is reflected in an interplay of right angles and precise contours that visually structure the room. The design is inspired by architectural forms, and lends the bathroom an unagitated and premium charisma. The trend is supported by consistent interior design in which surfaces flow into each other. This style world is rounded off perfectly by bathroom faucets and showers that rely on clear geometry.

Faucets and showers for a linear ambiance

Bathroom objects with cubic shapes are especially popular right now. This can be seen in the straight surfaces and sharply cut edges of the new bathroom faucet line Metropol. The emphasis on right angles continues this hansgrohe line consistently. Sinks with a thin wall thickness and an angular basic shape additionally underline the geometric style. The puristic design language is often combined with concrete or tile in a concrete look, which are also trendy. Stone in large formats is also a natural design partner that adds warmth to the clean style. Minimalist colors ranging from refined natural shades all the way through to black and white help the room to maintain precise geometry.

Design with clear handwriting.

The bathroom furnishings with expressive faucets from the Metropol line and cubic, sculptural objects create a clear, harmonious image.

Floor-standing bathroom faucets with clear geometry.

Refreshingly linear

Premium staging

Geometric shapes allow the most individual accents to be made in the bathroom: In the shower, the strikingly linear design of the square Raindance E overhead shower becomes a striking eye-catcher in the modern bathroom. The spacious, flat surfaces of the shower together with the faucet category form a perfect combination. The showering pleasure is completed by the flat shower control, which integrates itself with its slim silhouette into the wall. The design cites forms of modern architecture. Whatever the choice, hansgrohe bathroom faucets impress thanks to their precise geometry, understated design and outstanding functionality, thus making them the ideal addition to this eye-catching bathroom design.
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