Greater radius of action at the sink

Easy and comfortable: Kitchen faucets with pull-out function and hansgrohe sBox

Target your use of water and delight in beautiful technology in the heart of your kitchen. A kitchen faucet with pull-out function offers a markedly expanded radius of action. You can also enjoy various spray modes or water at the touch of a button. Multitasking at the sink becomes even more comfortable and convenient with the hansgrohe sBox, the clever hose box for smooth processes.

Radius of action for multitasking: The sBox makes everything easier

hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function provide much more flexibility for the use of water at the sink - and they are beautifully designed, too.

  • The pull-out spray or the pull-out spout markedly expand your radius of action at the sink; combined with the sBox, by even up to 76 cm. This is useful for tasks like watering plants or filling tall vases.
  • The hose pull-out, combined with a swivel radius, makes working at a sink with two basins more efficient.
  • Thanks to theMagFit magnetic bracket, the hose slides back almost silently and is fixed back into position at the middle of the pipe.

hansgrohe sBox: Everything in place for safe use

No doubt you appreciate it when everything works smoothly at your sink workstation. Learn more about our kitchen faucets with hansgrohe sBox: the safe hose box included with many pull-out kitchen faucets offers unimagined convenience with a pull-out spray or pull-out spout. With this reliable, inconspicuous hose guide in your base cabinet, you can focus your full attention on multitasking at the sink. The sBox is available with pull-out kitchen faucets as well as sink combinations.
Space-saving sBox in the sink base cabinet.
The sBox’s neat and compact hose guide leaves space in the base cabinet, creating a tidy storage space where it is easy to get to everything.

hansgrohe sBox: Simply tidy

Does this sound familiar? Several utensils sharing the small cabinet space underneath the sink, and hanging between them the hose for the pull-out faucet. It is no wonder when the items get in each other’s way. Here, the space-saving sBox ensures clear conditions: more free space for buckets, cleaning agents, and the like, completely conflict-free. And it just looks better.
Safe hose guide in the sBox.
A freely dangling hose is unprotected from jamming and damage. The sBox ensures safe storage, untouched by other utensils.

Solution for jamming

The sBox prevents the hose from getting jammed or damaged, protecting it from obstacles that would block its pull-out function. The secure housing also keeps water-carrying hoses functional for a long time to come.
Pull-out faucet action radius with sBox
Additional flexibility at and around the sink: combined with the sBox, the pull-out spray and pull-out spout range is extended to up to 76 cm.

Pull-out with sBox: Undreamt-of free space

With the sBox, the pull-out spray and pull-out spout can be pulled out to up to 76 cm, a noticeably extended operating radius beyond the usual approx. 50 cm. This makes it easy to fill large containers or water flowers and herb pots. For efficient multitasking, as you experience it every day in your kitchen.

Faucet with sBox in use on the worktop.
Fluid work with the pull-out function: The hose can be smoothly pulled out for required use.

And suddenly everything works so easily

Enjoy fluid work with the pull-out faucet and sBox from hansgrohe: Thanks to the guide in the housing, the hose slides out smoothly and can be retrieved just as easily and quietly. Without colliding with containers in the base cabinet.
sBox with flexible installation options.
The flat housing, at a maximum of 34 mm, can even be installed where space is limited. Flexible installation options adapt to the conditions on site.

A durable box that is easy to install

Even the smallest base cabinet has room for the sBox. The flat box, just 52 cm high, can also be installed in cramped quarters, in a corner, or in low base cabinets.

Shower or spout? The choice is yours

With hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function, you have two ways to use water at the sink unit. Based entirely on your own personal preferences, choose between:

  • A pull-out spray with a simple toggle between two spray modes. Quickly and precisely fill even large pots and containers with normal spray. The additional shower spray is suitable for thorough cleaning or rinsing fruit, vegetables or fish. Operation is ergonomic, since you can toggle between spray modes with one hand with the water running.
  • A pull-out spout for intuitive water control with Select function. Conveniently switch water on or off at the touch of a button: this can even be done very easily in passing, with the back of the hand or elbow. The faucet handle stays open and keeps the water temperature and quantity constant.

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Here’s how easy it is to operate the pull-out spray

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