hansgrohe Select

Water at the touch of a button - For more joy in the bathroom

hansgrohe Select simplifies routine in everyday life, with easy operation in the bathroom. One click is all it takes to change the spray mode, activate another shower or turn the water on and off. This well-thought-out operating concept ensures even more enjoyment at the sink and bathtub, as well as in the shower. Select is intuitive, durable and dependable.

More joy with water: Here’s how showers and faucets are even easier to use

Select your shower pleasure: In showers and faucets hansgrohe Select creates noticeably more ease of use.

The best place to enjoy intuitive ease of use is everywhere. That is why the selection of hansgrohe products with Select technology is so broad.

What products are available with Select technology?

Control water easily and reliably

Push the Select button to toggle between the different spray modes on your shower head or hand shower. With shower thermostats and lavatory faucets, turn water on and off at the touch of a button. (Some Select buttons can even be operated with the back of the hand or the elbow.) The technology is practically made for all age groups – and perfect for people with limited mobility.

Find your personal everyday facilitator:

hansgroheSelect: sophisticated, durable mechanics.
The revolutionary mechanical design allows convenient switching of spray settings.

hansgrohe Select: the function button for easy toggling among spray settings

The intelligent reduction to just one control knob on a shower or faucet makes it easy for you to enjoy water in its most beautiful forms. Particularly if the button is placed in a user-friendly spot. That’s what makes hansgrohe products with Select self-explanatory and comfortable.

Made for lasting reliability

hansgrohe Select permits toggling across spray settings in a purely mechanical manner. That is exactly why the button operates so continuously and reliably. The Select button proved its durability in a long-term load test with 90,000 actuations. A decision for hansgrohe Select is thus a decision for lasting comfort in the bathroom.

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