New showers by hansgrohe with the PowderRain jet type.


Limitless relaxation

Rainfinity: the sensuous pamper session for body and soul

Hansgrohe has designed a range of showers tailored precisely to your needs. Be pampered with unprecedented showering indulgence: Rainfinity. With this new line, design and wellness lovers have the choice of various jet types. Thousands of drops in the PowderRain jet type cocoon you up in a coat of water. The concentrated version is called Intense PowderRain and is great at rinsing out shampoo. Check out the new shower range for completely letting go and enjoying the here and now.

Rainfinity: The new archetype of design in your shower

The premium matte white and chrome finishes are paired with the dark graphite of a subtly structured spray disc. The design is easy on the eyes and pleasant to the touch. The innovative spray surface of the XXL overhead shower curves inwards slightly and the outlets are arranged in an innovative layout. The drops do not land on the head and shoulders from above – as they would in a standard shower – but bathe your body with water from head to toe.

Rainfinity: jet types, jet switch-over, shower control 

It is easy to switch between the three jet types in the hand shower (PowderRain, Intense PowderRain, MonoRain) at the touch of a button with Select. The jet types in the overhead shower (PowderRain, Intense PowderRain, RainStream) will pamper you just the way you like it (see picture gallery). Use the intuitive button to make your selection: Combined with a flat hansgrohe concealed thermostatic trim (ShowerSelect or RainSelect), the Rainfinity shower system is also an aesthetic delight with limitless possibilities for relaxation.

Rainfinity: broad range with state-of-the-art products and features

We have made a big thing of the hand shower: It features a 130mm diameter for even more fun with water. We also have a manual shower for those who like purist and geometric design. hansgrohe is proud to present the first overhead shower with angle adjustment. Its innovative wall connection renders the conventional shower arm superfluous, making it a trendsetter in minimalist design. When you don’t want your hair and face to get wet, reach up and tilt the flexible shower head at an angle of 10° to 30°. This enables you to shower comfortably and keep your head dry. Another new feature is the shoulder shower affixed below head height to enrich your showering experience. This can offer refreshment, especially when coming out of the sauna. Or relaxation, particularly before going to bed. It also keeps your hair dry and you can place your shower toiletries on it. To enjoy all the benefits of Rainfinity at once, we have combined the overhead shower, hand shower, shelves and concealed controls into one showerpipe.
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