In 1953 Hans Grohe invented the Unica shower bar.
Living the spirit of invention since 1901

Internationally successful with tradition and innovation

The Hansgrohe company was founded by Hans Grohe in 1901. And the ideas have been flowing in the Black Forest ever since. Ever since then, the bathroom pioneers have also traditionally been a step ahead of their time. Whether it is the first affordable hand shower, the wallbar or the single-hole faucet: Discover exciting inventions here. Many of them became milestones of international bathroom culture.

Experimentation is our drive spring

In the bathroom world, the hansgrohe brand name is linked with high quality, and for good reasons. It is the result of an expertise that dates back almost 120 years. Even the company founder, Hans Grohe had so many good ideas that he decisively contributed to the history of the private bathroom. His craftsmanship and designs shaped styling for many decades; to this day, they continue to enrich people’s lives all over the world.

Water enjoyment for you, patented many times over

If you buy an ultramodern bathroom or kitchen product by the hansgrohe brand today, you benefit from this accumulated experience. At the same time, the Hansgrohe Group is one of the innovation leaders in the industry. Its inventiveness can be seen in award-winning designs, countless patents and exciting future technologies. Because with experience at one’s back, the gaze is always directed forward.

For you as a consumer, this means: every day, enjoying beautifully designed, easy-to-use and often economical products that work superbly for a long time to come. As well as premium service, for example with extensive advice and spare parts with long availability.

Of wallbars and single-hole faucets

Why hansgrohe? The pioneering spirit and the art of German engineering have always converged here. With his hand shower, in 1928, Hans Grohe devised the convenient alternative to the then-customary overhead shower. And in 1953, he invented the wallbar to which the hand shower could be fastened at any height. Today, both inventions are standard in bathrooms around the globe; back then, they were strokes of sanitation genius and changed shower habits. With its water-saving showers, hansgrohe had resource and climate protection in mind long ahead of its time and became a pioneer of the “green” industry.

Who invented it? hansgrohe.

  • Affordable hand shower with white porcelain handle (1928)
  • Automatic waste and overflow set for the bath tub (1934)
  • Unica wallbar (1953)
  • Selecta hand shower with adjustable spray modes (1968)
  • Sixty and Tri-Bel colored plastic showers (1970)
  • Allegroh single-hole faucet (1981)
  • Mistral Eco water-saving hand shower (1987)
  • Pre-installed shower systems and shower panels (1989)
  • iBox Universal basic set for concealed installation (2000)
  • Raindance rain shower (2003)
  • Climate-friendly showers and faucets with EcoRight (2007)
  • ComfortZone faucets (2011)
  • and much more
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