Greater radius of action at the sink

Easy and comfortable: Kitchen faucets with pull-out function

Target your use of water and delight in beautiful technology in the heart of your kitchen. A faucet with pull-out function offers a significantly extended radius of action. Also enjoy various spray modes or water at the touch of a button. This is efficient multitasking at the sink.

hansgrohe kitchen faucet with pull-out spray.
Enjoy a greater radius of use with a hand spray. Simply turn water on and off at the touch of a button.

For multitasking

hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function provide significantly more flexibility for the use of water at the sink. And they are beautifully designed.
Shower or spout? The choice is yours

With hansgrohe kitchen faucets with pull-out function, you have two ways to use water at the sink. Based entirely on your own personal preferences, choose between:

  • a hand spray with a simple toggle between two spray modes. With normal spray, quickly and precisely fill even large pots and vessels. The additional shower spray is suitable for thorough cleaning or rinsing fruit, vegetables or fish. Operation is ergonomic, since you can toggle between spray modes with one hand with the water running;
  • a pull-out for intuitive water control with Select function. Conveniently switch water on or off at the touch of a button: This can even be done very easily in passing, with the back of the hand or elbow. The faucet handle stays open and keeps the water temperature and quantity constant.

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Here’s how easy it is to operate the hand spray

hansgrohe sBox with pull-out spray for ease of use.
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