hansgrohe Metris Classic - timeless bathroom fittings.
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Highlights in the bathroom

Elegant design with advanced functions

hansgrohe Metris C faucets whisk you away to days long gone. Brilliant design with subtly curved lines convey nostalgia and noble elegance. Combined with advanced hansgrohe technologies, this classic bathroom faucet is not just a beauty to behold but also comfortable and water-saving as well.

Design of classic beauty

Metris C single-hole lavatory faucets are captivating for their geometric basic shape that slopes gently downwards. In a graceful arc, the spout dips down toward the sink, while the subtly sweeping handle echoes this movement. The finish in chrome underscores the luxurious character. Even on the bidet, the bathroom faucet radiates with its classic design language.

Low water consumption, lots of freedom of movement

Beneath the lavishly beautiful finish of the Metris C lavatory faucets, there are intelligent hansgrohe technologies at work. An integrated water-volume limiter confines the flow to 1.2 gallons per minute (EcoRight). At the same time, AirPower mixes up the water – literally – and draws air through the jet spout, using this air to enrich the incoming water. This makes your water jet fuller, lighter and softer. A high-quality ceramic cartridge is provided for sensitive and reliable operation. To give you as much space as you need between sink and faucet, Metris C is available in different heights (ComfortZone).

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