Doucheplezier met badkamerserie door hansgrohe.
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Save water and protect the climate

hansgrohe EcoRight technology

hansgrohe showers fitted with EcoRight use up to 60 percent less water than commercial products. That’s a good feeling.

Major shower comfort with a fresh look

hansgrohe Crometta: Maximum design without breaking the bank

With Crometta, you can experience a comprehensive shower family that saves water and energy while offering high-quality, fresh design at the same time. Enjoy the attractive price-performance ratio of Crometta for hand showers and shower heads, shower sets and shower pipes. All of these offer hansgrohe premium quality and are sturdy and dependable. Resource-friendly EcoRight technology reduces consumption, for sustainable upgrading, construction and renovation.

Water-saving shower heads: With Crometta, the selection is broad

Crometta consistently thinks about saving: Special jets and a flow limiter reduce your water consumption as much as possible. With shower heads that feature EcoRight, the flow is just around 2 gallons per minute. Save even more with Crometta Green, for a flow rate of just 1.8 gallons per minute. The energy you use to heat water decreases at the same time.

Timelessly modern shapes in white/chrome

With its attractive white/chrome design and a spray disc 100 mm in diameter, the Crometta 100 3-Jet hand shower creates refreshing accents in the bathroom. Even greater shower enjoyment awaits you with the round, Croma S single-jet shower head with a diameter of 240 mm.

Feel-good hand showers with integrated spray-mode switching

Crometta hand showers are available with up to three pampering spray modes. So variety is guaranteed – ranging from the invigorating rain shower to the massage spray. It feels like a wellness treatment. Effortlessly switch between spray modes by simply turn the spray disc. To sustain the enjoyment of a rich shower spray for a long time to come, simply rub away limescale residues with your finger, thanks to Quick-Clean.

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