Inspirations for the modern bathroom

Modern bathroom: A place of well-being with inviting flair and efficient functionality

Modern bathrooms create enjoyment in everyday life and invite the user to stay awhile. Contemporary room design combines well-thought-out ergonomics and intelligent function with individual furnishing ideas. Stylish faucets and showers by hansgrohe lend personality to a modern bathroom. At the same time, there are innovative technologies that ensure efficient water enjoyment.

Mediterranean style bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows.
In the modern bathroom, the floor-level shower, freestanding bathtub and sink form an oasis of well-being. Elegant, tall faucets and the elegant Raindance E shower head harmonize with the surroundings.

Contemporary design with innovative technologies

In your stylishly ornamented home, a modern bathroom is far more than a place for one's everyday hygiene routine.The functionally equipped bathroom has a certain charm that is reminiscent of the past, and modern fixtures that transform the space. A bathroom with contemporary design becomes a personal yet inviting living area.

Modern bathroom design means:

  • intelligent room planning that provides an open atmosphere and lots of freedom of movement in bathrooms of all sizes;
  • well-thought-out ergonomics to ensure comfortable water enjoyment;
  • the highest possible environmental compatibility, allowing considerate handling of water and energy;
  • individual freedom of movement where preferences and furnishing ideas can come true.

Modern bathrooms provide the space for your personal taste to unfold. A modern bathroom fits just as harmoniously into new architecture as it does in a setting with high-quality renovations.

Design for the modern bathroom

We want to inspire you as you plan your modern interior.

  • You like spatial concepts with straight-lined furnishings, logical geometry, open views and freedom of movement? You can find suggestions for this under the trend topic: Transparency in the bathroom.
  • You're drawn to natural, Scandinavian-style living forms with elements of wood, natural stone or exposed concrete? Find details on our trend page: Authentic and rustic.
  • You love the Mediterranean furnishing style featuring warm colors and gentle contours? Find your inspiration in our Modern dream bathroom.
  • Do youthful designs with cheerful combinations of color and vivid detailing appeal to you? Convince yourself of their individual charm in the trend area for Bathroom accessories

A modern bathroom can also gain individuality through a relaxed blend of styles. This is when natural design elements are incorporated in a minimalist setting. Or perhaps geometric forms converge with a vivid color scheme.

Elegant faucets in modern design

Usability and aesthetic enjoyment now belong together in the bathroom. Talis Select faucets combine ergonomics and expressive design.

Bright bathroom design with a transparent effect.

Utmost enjoyment of water in a contemporary bathroom design

hansgrohe faucets and shower systems perfectly compliment the modern bathroom. Use them to create stylish accents and express individuality.

  • With their precise geometry, the faucets in the Metropol range provide straight-lined elegance.
  • The Metris range creates a clear atmosphere with its minimalist design language.
  • The design of the Talis range combines form and function for utmost comfort and efficient water enjoyment. Use Select technology to control the water flow at the touch of a button.
  • Talis S faucets offer ergonomic perfection for the sink, bathtub and shower. Comfortably operate them using the pin handle.
  • The timeless design of the Focus range harmoniously fits in with any surroundings.
  • With their clear lines and gently curved surfaces, Logis range faucets are a joy to (be)hold.

In the shower area, shower pipes from the Raindance E and Croma ranges are a perfect addition to the modern bathroom. With elegant shower heads and hand showers, the versatile shower systems offer comfortable water enjoyment. 

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